Yo #Tr4pArmy!

Slenger ved en liten update her:

Det er snart helg, og denne helgen må dere klare dere uten Norges Herligste Stream!

Som mange av dere vet skal jeg ut på tur med jobben i helgen, og neste stream blir tidligst Søndag!

Hva skal du i helgen?



Win – 1144

“Carried the shit out of this game, nuff said.”


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Loss – 1125

“I dominated this game, actually got a quarda kill aswell 😀 But sadly, my solo que teammates had no focus at all. They went blindly into teamfights focusing Lee Sin and Nunu. Such a shame. I belive this is one for the records: You can get really fed, and still loose only because of bad teammates. Sometimes, its just out of your hands.”


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Loss – 1140

“Well, in short: We had a kamikaze LB mid, same with Xin, bot was doing fine, but this panth.. he fed Riven from the start, she got like 4-0 after 8 min. Riven carried their game. Would have won if it hadnt been for her.”


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Win – 1158

“This game started out really bad. I was alone on bot as Cait, since there was some arguing about who was going Mid-lane. After about 6 min i managed to talk talon to come down bot-lane with me, and we made it! I hate when stuff like this happens. It could have gone much worse if they had kept arguing.”

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